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Former President Of The Argentinian Surf Association Passes Away

MIGUEL ANGEL ARANDIA, “MICKY”, (9/24/1958 - 8/17/2006)

Miguel Angel Arandia, or better known as “MICKY”, of Mar del Plata, Argentina, died of cancer on August 17, 2006. For the last couple of months he had been staying at a hospital, where his family, friends and doctors tried their hardest to beat the cancer.

During his last days, many people went to the hospital to show him love and support. Also, a ceremony was held at a near-by beach, organized by local surfers and friends to pay tribute to Micky.

During the late 80’s, Micky began procedures to form the Asociacion de Surf Argentina (ASA). He later became the ASA President after winning the elections held on September 20, 1999. He remained President until December 3, 2003.

During his years as President, Micky was able to achieve many things to better the sport. One of those achievements, included further developing the sport of surfing in Argentina and helping to organize the “Circuitos Argentinos ” (Argentine Circuit) of 2000, 2001 and 2002. He is also responsible for Argentina’s surf team participation in the ISA World and Pan American Championships.

Without a doubt, Micky was a very loved person who holds an important place in the history of surf in Argentina. His absence will be felt.

Sent by Fernando Arca

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