Peru wins the 2017 Pan American Claro Games presented by Herbalife

Punta Rocas, Peru, witnessed five days of intense competition with the best surfers in the Americas.

Four disciplines with eight divisions competed for the Medals in this preparative event for the Lima 2019 Pan American Games, where all 15 attending nations had a glimpse of an Olympic level event.

These are the 2017 Pan American Champions of the Pan American Claro Games 2017 presented by Herbalife:

Mathea Olin from Canadá, Longboard Men Gold Medalist :

“I’m beyond happy right now! Honestly, I only surf longboard like 10 times a year, so I never thought I could make it. I’m so happy to represent Canada here and I hope to inspire many people back home in Tofino”, said Olin who competed against Peru’s Silver Medalist María Fernanda Reyes.

Benoit Clemente from Peru, Longboard Men Gold Medalist said “I’m super stoked definitely. This heat was not as consistent as previous ones, but so happy to ride the necessary waves to add points and help my team”.

Clemente faced Silver Medalist Carlos Bahía from Brazil, in one of the most intense heats of the day, where these athletes showed off why they are among the best longboarders in the world.

Vania Torres from Peru, SUP Surf Women Gold Medalist, had to compete in the Final against her teammate Silver Medalist Brissa Malaga, who placed 7th in the ISA world raking from ISA. “Brissa (Málaga) is surfing so good, so I was really nervous before the final so I’m very happy. Here in Peru she is always the rival to beat”, said Torres.

Caio Vaz from Brazil, SUP Surf Men Gold Medalist, competed against the local talent and Silver Medalist Sebastián Gómez from Peru.
“I want to thank everyone who supports me, my friends, my family and my girlfriend. I’ve been surfing SUP for eight years, but I have surfed shortboard forever. I really like to surf waves from Punta Rocas because they’re long and have a lot a surface to maneuver, so it makes me really happy to get this victory”, said Vaz.

Ornella Pellizzari from Argentina, Open Women Gold Medalist, made a huge return to competition after being away for a few years. She faced the Barbadian sensation Chelsea Tuach, who is one of the top competitors in the WSL professional tour.

“This is an important victory for me and it still hasn’t settled in. I’m so happy and thankful with my team for all the support. I think I have never won an event with so many Heats, and also this is the moment in my whole career when I feel more trained. I thank my family for always trusting me and all my sponsors”, said Pellizzari.

Lastly, Open Men Final was the last heat of the event. Alonso Correa from Peru, Open Men Gold Medalist, defeated Silver Medalist Maximiliano Cross from Chile, in a battle to the last minute to take the win.

“First I’m very happy to have achieved to get into the team, it’s an honor to represent Peru here at home Punta Rocas. Since I knew I was going to be part of the team I had the Gold in my sights, that was the objective. My brother placed third, it would have been awesome that he joined me in the Final”.

For 2018, the XIV Pan American Games will be qualifiers for Lima 2019. We thank all the teams for being part of this historic event. See you next year!

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  • Policía Nacional del Perú y su cuerpo de salvataje
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Credit for all photos: PASA/Paolo López Zubiaurr

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Team Medals:

Gold Medal: Peru
Silver Medal: Brazil
Bronze Medal: Argentina

SUP Technical Race women:

Gold Medal: Lina Guimarães from Brazil
Silver Medal: Maricarmen Rivera from Puerto Rico
Bronze Medal: Aline Adisaka from Brazil

SUP Technical Race Men:

Gold Medal: Guilherme Dos Reis from Brazil
Silver Medal: Vinicius Martins from Brazil
Bronze Medal: Itzel fromlgado from Peru

Longboard Women:

Gold Medal: Mattea Olin from Canada
Silver Medal: María Fernanda Reyes from Peru
Medal from Bronce:Carolina Thun in Peru

Longboard Men:

Gold Medal: Benoit “Piccolo” Clement from Peru
Silver Medal: Carlos Bahia from Brazil
Bronze Medal: Julian Schweizer from Uruguay

SUP Surf Women.

Gold Medal: Vanya Torres from Peru
Silver Medal: Breeze Malaga from Peru
Bronze Medal: Aline Adisaka from Brazil

SUP Surf Men

Gold Medal: Caio Vaz from Brazil
Silver Medal: Sebastián Gómez from Peru
Bronze Medal: Alex Salazar from Brazil

Open Women

Gold Medal: Ornella Pellizzari from Argentina
Silver Medal: Chelsea Tuach from Barbados
Bronze Medal: Mattea Olin from Canada

Open Men

Gold Medal: Alonso Correa from Peru
Silver Medal: Maximiliano Cross from Chile
Bronze Medal: Sebastian Correa from Peru

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