2018 Pan American Claro Games have officially started

Opening Ceremony - Photo PASA/Ito Gómez
Opening Ceremony - Photo PASA/Ito Gómez
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270 athletes from 20 countries gathered today, Sunday, December 2, in Punta Hermosa Lima, Perú for the Opening Ceremony of an historic edition of the Pan American Surfing Games Claro 2018.

The event started with the traditional Parade of the Nations, with the participation of Argentina, Barbados, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Jamaica, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay USA, US Virgin Islands and Venezuela.

Afterwards, the Ceremony of the Sands took place, where representatives of each country poured sands from their national beaches in a container, representing the pacific union and fraternity among the Americas.

PASA President, Karin Sierralta, welcomed all the participant countries:

“All of us will be getting together in Punta Rocas for the next six days, writing in the history books of modern surfing. This is our first qualifier event towards Lima 2019. I am sure that many of you will make it to Tokio 2020 and I’m also sure that in that moment we will become a big community of the Americas, cheering our athletes in their dream to get an Olympic Medal”.

José Delgado, Punta Negra’s Mayor, where Punta Rocas is located, explained the benefits for his community thanks to competitions like the Pan American Claro Games and the construction of the new High Performance Center.: “For our district this means development thanks to the tourism and new employment sources. I thank to all the private investors that are making this possible, we welcome them and also we welcome the surfers from all the participant countries to our district of Punta Negra”.

Competition starts tomorrow at 9:00 am, with the first round of the Open Women division.

Follow the live webcast on our Facebook profile.

Photos PASA/Ito Gómez:

2018 Pan Americans Claro Games - Opening Ceremony
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