Santiago 2023 Qualification: SUP Tech Race

Cover photo: Michael Tweddle

The Pan American Surfing Association and the International Surfing Association have confirmed the Qualified SUP Technical Races Male and Female Athletes to @Santiago2023

Congratulations to all!

Women Tech Race

1- Candice Appleby USA
2- Jennifer Kalmbach CRC
3- Maricarmen Rivera PUR
4 – Lena Guimaraes BRA
5- Juliana González ARG
6- Lina Augaitis CAN
7- Sofía Finer MEX
8- Gianisa Vecco PER
9- Stephanie Bodden PAN
10- Host Country CHI

Men Tech Race

1- Connor Baxter USA
2- Itzel Delgado PER
3- David Leao BRA
4- Santino Basaldella ARG
5- Ricardo Avila PUR
6- Mike Darbyshire CAN
7- Edonay Caballero PAN
8- Lukas Rodríguez URU
9- Carlo Arias CRC
10- Host Country CHI

PASA President, Karin Sierralta said:

It’s really exciting to see the first PASA qualified athletes to Santiago 2023 Pan American Games. Yesterday, the races were thrilling and we witnesed 14-year old Sofía Finer from Mexico, the youngest athlete in the history of the Pan American Surfing Games, and also from ISA, achieve an historic qualification. Congratulations to all qualified athletes and I look forward to see you in Santiago 2023.”

Watching Juliana Gonzalez from Argentina take the Gold Medal y make a huge comeback after her last year result, when she lost her gold in the last yards before the finish line, has been really satisfying and an honor for us who have watched the races in previous years.

The Surfing disciplines of the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games will be held in Punta de Lobos, from October 24 – 30.

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