Central America’s Olympic Movement welcomes Surfing

  • Ordeca includes surfing for the Managua 2017 Central American Games

*Front photo, waves of Popoyo, Nicaragua by ISA/Nelly

The Pan American Surf Association congratulates Central American Sports Organization (Ordeca, in spanish) for the inclusion of the sport of Surfing to the program of the next Central American Games Managua 2017.

“I’m proud that Ordeca has given the step towards the inclusion of Surfing in its sports program for the next Central American Games to be held in Managua, Nicaragua in 2017”, said PASA President, Karin Sierralta. “This is a great test in preparation for the central american countries to the preliminaries towards the Pan American Games Lima 2019”.

“Central America has world class waves, that allow their athletes train and reach the highest competitive level, and with the support of their respective National Olympic Committees, the countries in this region have a great future in the different Olympic competitions that are about to come”.

The inclusion of the Surf in this competitions shows the good moment and great acceptance that Surfing is going through internationally, just months away to know the final decision of the new sports that will be included in the Olympic Program.

The support of the different Sports Organizations, like Pan American Sports Organization, and Ordeca, and others around the world, are a great back up towards Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Nicaragua has wide experience organizing Surfing competitions, thanks to the support of private and public sectors of the country, that have held several events of the International Surfing Association (ISA), in different categories.

This nations has waves 360 days a year, an ideal scenario for any kind of surfing competition.

Since 2005, National Surfing Federations of Central America’s countries have organized independently the Central American Surfing Games, but for the first time ever, can be made with the support of the National Olympic Committees of each nation.

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