The Pan American Claro Games start tomorrow

  • 15 national teams are ready to compete at the waves of Punta Rocas
  • A record number of competitors will surf for the highest place at the winner’s podium
  • CLICK HERE for Day 1 Schedule and heat sheets.

With a record number of 220 athletes, the XIII Pan American Surfing Games, 2017 Pan American Claro Games will begin tomorrow Monday, December 4th, in Punta Rocas, Perú.

A Luau will welcome all the athletes, where all of them will celebrate the Sands Ceremony that represents the unity of the countries of the Americas that will officially start this historic event. The competition will start on Tuesday, December 5th to Saturday, December 9th.

For the first time in the history of the Pan American Surfing Games, all four categories will have full gender equality, with the same amount of male and female competitors in each one.

  • Open (4 Men and 4 Women)
  • Longboard (2 Men and 2 Women)
  • SUP Surf (2 Men and 2 Women)
  • SUP Technical Race (2 Men and 2 Women)

A list of elite athletes are gathering in Punta Rocas, that include past World and Pan American Champions, also Champions of different professional leagues like the Latin American ALAS and the World Surf League.

The current ISA World Champion Jhonny Corzo from México and two-time ISA World Champion Leandro Usuna from Argentina will be competing in the Open Men’s division. In Open Women Latin American ALAS and Pan American Champion Dominic Barona from Ecuador and ISA World Champion Anali Gomez from Peru.

“During this week we will witness a historic event”, said PASA President, Karin Sierralta, right after the registration closed. “Besides being the first region in the world to start our road to Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games with this pre-qualifier event, we will also begin with a new era of equality and respect for all of the participant athletes”.

“We thank once again to all of the sponsors who have made this amazing event possible, and we thank all the Lima 2019 organizer personnel for all their commitment and collaboration in the development of this important championship”.

The competition starts next Tuesday, December 5th, at 7:30 AM (local time), with a full day of Round 1 of both Open Men and Open Women competition. The event directors will determine each day’s schedule according to the conditions.

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About Pan American Surf Association

The Pan American Surf Association (PASA) was founded in 1994 with the primary goal of organizing, promoting, and regulating surfing activities throughout the PASA territory, which includes the whole American continent, (North, Central and South), including all the adjacent islands and the Caribbean.

The current directory is formed by President Karin Sierralta (PER), Vice President Xavier Aguirre (ECU) and Secretary Paula Muñoz (CHI). PASA headquarters are located in Lima, Peru.

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