All set for Finals Day at the 2018 Pan American Claro Games

– Marathon day 5 had the Men’s and Women’s Technical SUP Race Semifinals
– Finals of Open Women, Longboard Women and Longboard Men are defined
– Download hi res photos here.
– DAY 6 – Schedule and Heats

Fifth day of the Pan American Claro Games started with SUP Technical Race Men.

Race started at Punta Rocas beach, in a 5800 meters circuit that included turns and sections with the strong waves of Punta Rocas.

The qualified athletes in first places were Giorgio Gomez from Colombia with a total time of 25:49:40 and Vinnicius Martins from Brazil with 26:52:23 minutes.

The female tech race was led by Juliana Gonzalez de Argentina with a total time of 28:43:73 and April Zig from USA with 25:09:82.

Immediately Open Women semifinals took place. The best score was for Costa Rica’s Brisa Hennessy with 14.5 in Semis 1 against Daniella Rosas de Perú (9.36) and Jessica Anderson de Chile (7.53).

In the Final Hennessy will compete against Tuach de Barbados, Dominic Barona de Ecuador and her team mate Rosas.

Longboard Men had big upsets with the elimination of athletes like Phil Rajzman from Brazil and Julian Schweizer from Uruguay, competitors at the WLS Longboard Tour.

Highest score was for Peru’s Benoit Clemente with 16.36, in his semifinal against Wenderson de Almeida from Brazil (10.8), Julian Schweizer from Uruguay (10.24) and Anthony Flores from Costa Rica (5.2).

SUP Surf Men defined its semi finalist. Zane Schweitzer from USA had the highest score of the round: 15.93 against Daniel Hughes also from USA (10.7), Dave de Armas from Puerto Rico (9.76) and Alexander de la Cruz from Dominican Republic (5.63).

Longboard Women’s final is ready. In Semis, Atalanta Batista from Brazil had the highest score of 13.27  defeating María Fernanda Reyes and Ana Camila Kaspar (5.43), both from Peru.

In the final, Reyes will compete against Batista, also against Brisa Hennesy from Costa Rica and Chloe Calmon from Brazil.

To close the day 2nd Round of Open Men competed, where the best surfers were Tomas Tudela from Peru with a score of 15.26 and Anthony Fillingim from Costa Rica with 14.67.

Competition continues tomorrow at 7:00 am. Find the full schedule and results HERE

Longboard Men Finalist
Surfiel Gil ARG
Wenderson De Almeida BRA
Benoit Clemente PER
Lucas Garrido Lecca PER

Open Women Finalists
Brisa Hennessy CRC
Chelsea Tuach BAR
Dominic Barona ECU
Daniella Rosas PER

Longboard Women Finalist
Atalanta Batista BRA
Brisa Henessys CRI
Chloe Gama BRA
Maria Fernanda Reyes PER

SUP Technical Race Men Finalists
1 Itzel Delgado PER
2 Tamil Martino PER
3 Vinnicius Martins BRA
4 Luis Carlos Guida BRA
5 Franco Faccin ARG
6 Matias Leguizamon ARG
7 Michael Darbyshire CAN
8 Fernando Stalla MEX
9 Fernando Amaral MEX
10 Francisco Hernandez VEN
11 William Cruz PUR
12 Omelv Garcia PUR
13 Carlos Gomez ECU
14 Giorgio Gomez COL
15 Zane Schweitzer USA
16 Daniel Hughes USA

SUP Technical Race Women Finalists
1 Giannisa Vecco PER
2 Lena Ribeiro BRA
3 Jessica Mattos BRA
4 Juliana Gonzalez ARG
5 Natalia de la Lama ARG
6 Lina Augaitis CAN
7 Ariel Amaral CAN
8 Carla Perez CHI
9 Alejandra Brito MEX
10 Mariana Carrasco MEX
11 Edimar Luque VEN
12 Maricarmen Rivera PUR
13 Nimsay Garcia PUR
14 Isabella Gomez COL
15 Valeria Salustri CRC
16 April Zilg USA

Semifinal 1
Giorgio Gomez COL – 25:49:40
Itzel Delgado PER – 25:50:49
Zane Schweitzer USA – 25:50:88
Carlos Gomez ECU – 28:08:07
Luis Carlos Guida BRA – 28:23:15
Omelv Garcia PUR – 28:33:43
Fernando Amaral MEX – 28:36:76
Matias Leguizamon ARG – 29:07:12

Semifinal 2
Vinnicius Martins BRA – 26:52:23
Fernando Stalla MEX – 27:29:17
Tamil Martino PER – 27:45:01
Franco Faccin ARG – 27:57:42
Daniel Hughes USA – 28:00:82
William Cruz PUR – 28:12:21
Michael Darbyshire CAN – 28:15:99
Francisco Hernandez VEN – 29:43:65

Semifinal 1
Juliana Gonzalez ARG – 28:43:73
Jessica Mattos BRA – 29:00:44
Nimsay Garcia PUR – 29:27:43
Giannisa Vecco PER – 29:39:78
Ariel Amaral CAN – 29:48:05
Carla Perez CHI – 30:07:61
Mariana Carrasco MEX – 31:11,6
Edimar Luque VEN – 31:17:74

Semifinal 2
April Zilg USA – 25:09:82
Lena Ribeiro BRA – 26:22:72
Lina Augaitis CAN – 26:31:39
Maricarmen Rivera PUR – 27:21:93
Valeria Salustri CRC – 28:27:45
Natalia de la Lama ARG – 28:53:43
Alejandra Brito MEX – 28:58:50
Isabella Gomez COL – 29:49:08

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