SUP Surfing takes Punta Rocas during Day 2 of Lima 2019 Surfing Competition

A Classic day of excellent waves set the stage for the best surfers in the Americas to show their skills during the second day of the surfing competition of Lima 2019.

After a long day of competition, today the first competitors of shortboard men and women categories were eliminated and it also was the first day of competition for the male and female SUP Surfers.

The best athletes of the day in Shortboard Men were Noe Mar McGonagle from Costa Rica, who earned 15.40 points and Santiago Muñiz of Argentina with 17.00 points (Repechage 1).

McGonagle defeated Cody Young from Canada (12.27 pts), and Muñiz sent home Israel Barona, from Ecuador (6.50 pts).

In Women’s Shortboard, Daniella Rosas from Peru, scored an impressive total of 15.27 points in her heat against Chelsea Tuach from Barbados (7.00). Rosas also had the highest scoring single wave of the female division.

In Repechage 1, Isabella Gomez from Colombia scored 13.84 points, eliminating Tiare Thompson from USA.

In SUP Surfing, Peru’s Vania Torres and Tamil Martino scored a total of 11.33 and 15.34 points respectively in the female and male divisions.

Competition continues tomorrow at 9:00 am (local time). To watch the live broadcast of the event, contact your local Lima 2019 broadcast rights holder. Live scores and results are available at

Schedule of the day 3
9:00 am – Round 2 Shortboard Men Repechage
10:25 AM – Round 2 Shortboard Women Repechage
11:50 AM – Round 2 Longboard Men
12:43 PM – Round 2 Longboard Women
1:36 pm – Round 3 Shortboard Men
2:28 pm – Round 3 Shortboard Women
3:20 pm – Round 2 SUP Surf Men
4:13 pm – Round 2 SUP Surf Women

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