All ready for the Finals Day of the Surfing competition at Lima 2019

The competition for the Medals is set:

Shortboard Men:
Bronze will be decided between Leandro Usuna from Argentina and Bryan Pérez from El Salvador. Whoever wins this Final Repechage Round of off, will face Peru’s Lucca Mesinas for the Gold.

Shortboard Women:
Ornella Pellizzari from Argentina will compete against Dominic Barona from Ecuador for a place in the Grand Final, where Daniella Rosas from Peru awaits.

Longboard Men:
Julian Schweizer from Uruguay and Cole Robbins from USA will face in the Repechage final, where the one who loses will get the Bronze Medal and whoever wins will compete against Peru’s Benoit Clemente for the Gold.

Longboard Women:
The final Repechage has María Fernanda Reyes from Peru and Mattea Dempfle-Olin from Canada. The athlete who wins this heat will seek gold against Chloe Calmon from Brazil and the competitor who falls will get bronze.

SUP Surf Men:
Daniel Hughes from USA and Peru’s Tamil Martino are the contenders in the Repechage Final. Giorgio Gomez from Colombia waits in the grand final to decirde the gold and silver Medals of this category.

SUP Surf Women:
The Colombian Isabella Gómez and the Brazilian Nicole Pacelli will face each other the Repechage Final, who advaces will compete agaist Peru’s Vania Torres for the Gold.

The best scores of the day were:
Longboard Men: Benoit Clemente (per) 15.67
Longboard Women: Maria Fernanda Reyes (per) 10.83
Sup surf men: Giorgio Gómez (Col) 14.84
Sup surf women: Vania Torres (per) 13.17
Shortboard Men: Lucca Mesinas (per) 17.47
Shortboard Women: Daniella Roses (per) 12.40

These are the countries with guaranteed medals tomorrow:

  • Peru: 6
  • Argentina: 2
  • Brazil: 2
  • Colombia: 2
  • United States: 2
  • Canada: 1
  • Ecuador: 1
  • El Salvador: 1
  • Uruguay: 1

Medals distributed until today (from SUP races):

  • Brazil: 2 (female gold and male silver)
  • United States: 2 (male gold and female silver)
  • Peru: 1 (Male Bronze)
  • Puerto Rico: 1 (Female Bronze)

The competition continues tomorrow at 9:00 am. Find the updated schedule and full results of the day at

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