PASA President is reelected for a fourth term as Vice President of the ISA

Sierralta receives broad support from nations around the world
He was elected as ISA Vice President for the first time in 2008

Karin Sierralta, president of the Pan American Surf Association, has been reelected for the third time, for a fourth term in his position as Vice President of the International Surfing Association (ISA), the governing body of Surfing worldwide.

In the voting, President Sierralta won by majority in the first round of elections, with 19 votes out of 16 and four from the other candidates.

In the second round of voting to define the majority, Sierralta came in second place with 18 votes to 22. In the final third round, Sierralta reaffirmed his re-election with a large majority of 29 votes to 12.

PASA President Karin Sierralta along Olympic Gold Medalists Carissa Moore (up) and Italo Ferreira (below).

“For me it is an honor to continue receiving the support of so many countries in this third re-election, it is a responsibility that I assume with gratitude and seriousness to continue with the work that we have been doing. I faithfully believe that the best way to make surfing grow is bringing everyone together”.

“I thank Fernando Aguerre for all his trust, the Executive Committee and the ISA Team, with whom we have worked together for the successes of recent years, such as the inclusion of surfing in the Pan American Games and the Olympic Games. ”.

“Now we are going to continue working hard to exceed expectations in Santiago 2023 and Paris 2024”.

Sierralta was re-elected alongside the 7-time Olympic medalist Kirsty Coventry from Zimbabwe, who is also a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Representative of ISA Athletes to the IOC.

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