First Pan American Champions of the 2022 PASA Games will be crowned tomorrow

  • Third day of competition will start with the exciting SUP Race_
  • Defined the finals of SUP Surf Men and Women
  • Brazil is the only intact team in the event
  • Find the photo gallery of the day here

Another intense day of competition took place today at the 2022 Panama PASA Games, in Playa Venao, Panama.

Today the athletes of the Men’s Longboard and Women’s Longboard categories had their first participation in the event and defined the semifinalists of this discipline.

SUP Surfing also continued and has defined the finalists who have already secured a medal for their countries, which will be decided tomorrow in the men’s and women’s grand finals of this discipline.

The Brazilian team continues with all its members still in competition. In SUP Surf, their two men and two women reached the grand final, with which they have already secured two medals for their country and are adding important points to the Ranking of the event.

Benoit Clemente from Peru. Photo Michael Tweddle

Tomorrow, third day of competition, the Pan American champions of the male and female SUP Racing categories will be announced. 20 women and 22 men will travel a circuit three times in their respective races to add six kilometers in total, with wave sections, which will demand the maximum from the runners.

In the SUP Surf Women’s Semifinals, the highest score went to Gabriela Sztamfater who added a total of 14.16 points with two waves of 6.83 and 7.33, with which she advanced to the grand final, securing a Medal.

Sztamfater beat her compatriot Adine Adisaka, who added 8.27 points and also secured her place in the final and another Medal for Brazil. Karen Jacobson from Mexico with 6.96 points and Lisette Prado from Ecuador with 4.9 points said goodbye to the event.

The Women’s SUP Surfing Grand Final was made up of:

  • Gabriela Sztamfater (Brazil)
  • Lucia Cosoleto (Argentina)
  • Aline Adisaka (Brazil)
  • Vania Torres (Peru)

In SUP Surf Men, the best score in the Semifinals was added by another Brazilian, Luis Diniz with 15.17. In second position, Felipe Rodríguez from Mexico advanced to the final with 12.47 points. Dave de Armas from Puerto Rico and Geronimo Roger from Argentina said goodbye to the event in third and fourth position respectively.

Luis Diniz from Brazil. Photo Philippe Demarsan.

This is grand final of Men’s SUP Surfing:

  • Luis Diniz (Brazil)
  • Leonardo Gimenes (Brazil)
  • Felipe Rodriguez (Mexico)
  • Tamil Martino (Peru)

The Longboard category had the participation of women and men world and regional champions, with conditions in the sea that allowed all the athletes to show all their talent and grace on the waves.

The best of the day in Women’s Longboard was defending Pan American Champion Chloe Calmon from Brazil, who rode two waves of 6.83 and 7.33 for a total of 14.16 points in her Round 1 Heat.

Atalanta Batista from Brazil. Photo Michael Tweddle

Here she beat Samantha Wilson from Chile who added 10.90, advancing in second place and eliminated the Olympic athlete Dominic Barona from Ecuador who added 3.40 points and in fourth place local Layla Brady from Panama was eliminated with 3.23 points.

Other outstanding athletes in Longboard were Atalanta Batista also from Brazil with 13.47 points and María Fernanda Reyes from Peru with 14.00 points.

The Women’s Longboard Semifinals were complete with:

Semi-final 1

  • Chloé Calmon (Brazil)
  • Camila Kaspar (Peru)
  • Maria Reyes (Peru)
  • Fanny Villao (Ecuador)

Semi-final 2

  • Atalanta Batista (Brazil)
  • Coco Bonilla (Mexico)
  • Lucia Cosoleto (Argentina)
  • Samantha Wilson (Chile)

Jefson Silva from Brazil was the best in the Men’s Longboard category by adding the highest score of the entire event of 17.13, thanks to two waves of 8.50 and 8.63, beating César Rondón from Colombia (8.57 points) and José Antepaz from Venezuela (7.73 points), who says goodbye to the event.

Fanny Villao from Ecuador. Photo Michael Tweddle

Other highlights in this discipline were the multiple times world and Pan American champion Benoit Clemente from Peru (15.83 points) and Rodrigo Sphaier from Brazil (15.26 points).

Men’s Longboard Semifinals:

Semi-final 1

  • Rodrigo Sphaier (Brazil)
  • Julian Schweizer (Uruguay)
  • Benoit Clemente (Peru)
  • Jose Boza (Chile)

Semi-final 2

  • Nacho Pignataro (Uruguay)
  • Jeffson Silva (Brazil)
  • Dorian Torres (Costa Rica)
  • Lucas Garrido Lecca (Peru)
Jefson Silva from Brazil

The competition continues tomorrow from 8:00am (local time) with the following schedule:

  • Final Race SUP Women
  • Men’s SUP Race Final
  • Round 1 Shortboard Men
  • Women’s Longboard Semifinals
  • Men’s Longboard Semifinals

Follow the event on and the Pan Am Sports channels.

This event is possible thanks to

  • COS
  • DUKE


This discipline is the forerunner of modern surfing, in which boards used are of at least nine feet (2.75 meters) in length which is why it has a different type of judging from the other categories.

Surfers must maneuver in the critical parts of the wave (where the wave is about to break) using the entirety of their board to perform classic maneuvers. The judges evaluate the degree of difficulty, the style, the grace and flow of the athlete to award the scores.

Key elements in judging athletes include surfing at the tip and use of the board rails, variety of maneuvers, speed and strength, commitment, control, and footwork.

For these PASA Games Panama 2022, as in the rest of the categories, the Competition Heats has four athletes. The first two places in each Heat advance and the athletes in third and fourth place are eliminated from the event.

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