Brazil Is the 2022 Pan American Surfing Champion

Six days of emotions reached their peak today, Saturday, August 13, with the finals of the Open categories (short board) of the 2022 Panama PASA Games, the fifteenth edition of the Pan American Surfing Games of the Pan American Surfing Association (PASA).

From Wednesday, August 10, until today the 13th, every day they have crowned Pan American champions in the individual categories SUP, SUP Surf, Longboard and Open Races, both in men and women.

Each of these individual divisions added points to the general standings, in which Brazil took the top and the title of Champions of the Americas 2022, 15195 points, thanks to the Gold Medals won by Mateus Sena and Sophia Medina in the Open category (Shortboard) in the male and female divisions.

In second place in the ranking was Peru with 12,017 points, in third position was Argentina with 11,055 points and fourth was Mexico with 9,285 points.

The first individual final on this last day of competition was the Women’s Open, where Sophia Medina was crowned Women’s Open Pan American Champion 2022.

Medina added a total of 12.57 points in the grand final against Laura Raupp’s 12.07, also from Brazil, to win the Silver Medal.

The Bronze Medal was won by Dominc Barona from Ecuador with 10.7 points and the Copper Medal was won by Daniella Rosas from Peru with 10.03 points.

In the Men’s Open, the Gold Medal and the new Pan American Champion is Mateus Sena from Brazil with a total of 13.76 points in the grand final.

The Silver Medal was won by Jean Carlos González from Panama with 13.40 points.

The Bronze Medal went to Lucca Mesinas from Peru with 13.37 points.

Miguel Tudela, also from Peru, won the Copper Medal by adding a total of 12.03 points.

On behalf of the Pan American Surf Association, we extend our deep gratitude to the Government and people of Panama, the Panama Tourism Authority, Pandeportes and the Panamanian Surf Association for all their support in organizing this event.

We also thank all the sponsors:



SUP Race Women
Lena Guimaraes (Brazil) – Gold Medal
Juliana González (Argentina) – Silver Medal
Natalia de la Lama (Argentina) – Bronze Medal
Aline Adisaka (Brazil) – Copper Medal

SUP Race Men
Itzel Delgado (Peru) – Gold Medal
David Leao (Peru) – Silver Medal
Franco Fachin (Argentina) – Bronze Medal
Omelv García (Puerto Rico) – Copper Medal

SUP Surfing Women
Lucia Cosoleto (Argentina) – Gold Medal
Vania Torres (Peru) – Silver Medal
Aline Adisaka (Brazil) – Bronze Medal
Gabriela Sztamfater (Brazil) – Copper Medal

SUP Surfing Men
Luiz Diniz (Brazil) – Gold Medal
Felipe Rodríguez (Mexico) – Silver Medal
Tamil Martino (Peru) – Bronze Medal
Leonardo Gimenes (Brazil) – Copper Medal

Longboard Women
Chloe Calmon (Brazil) – Gold Medal
Atalanta Batista (Brazil) – Silver Medal
Camila Kaspar (Peru) – Bronze Medal
Coco Bonilla (Mexico) – Copper Medal

Longboard Men
Jefson Silva (Brazil) – Gold Medal
Rodrigo Sphaier (Brazil) – Silver Medal
Nacho Pignataro (Uruguay) – Bronze Medal
Julian Schweizer (Uruguay) – Copper Medal

Open Women
Sophia Medina (Brazil) – Gold Medal
Laura Raupp (Brazil) – Silver Medal
Dominc Barona (Ecuador) – Bronze Medal
Daniella Rosas (Peru) – Copper Medal

Open Men
Mateus Sena (Brazil) – Gold Medal
Jean Carlos González (Panama) – Silver Medal
Lucca Messinas (Peru) – Bronze Medal
Miguel Tudela (Peru) – Copper Medal


1- Brazil 15195 / Gold Medal
2- Peru 12017 / Silver Medal
3- Argentina 11055 / Bronze Medal
4- Mexico 9285 / Copper Medal
5 Puerto Rico 9169
6 Panama 8911
7 Venezuela 8566
8 Ecuador 8368
9 Chile 7485
10 Uruguay 6848
11 Costa Rica 5700
12 Columbia 4815
13 Guatemala 1800
14 Dominican Republic 1720
15 El Salvador 1480
16 Jamaica 1280
17 Nicaragua 600

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