Santiago 2023 Qualification: Men’s SUP Surf

After the final results of the Men’s SUP Surf category at the PASA Pan American Surfing Games Panama 2023, the Pan American Surfing Association and the International Surfing Association confirm the athletes qualified for the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games.

The Men’s Longboard athletes provisionally classified to Santiago 2023 through PASA have also been defined, pending the results of the ISA World Longboard Championship, the highest priority event for classification to Santiago.

Men’s SUP Surfing qualified athletes:

  1. Luiz Diniz (Brazil)
  2. Zane Schweitzer (United States)
  3. Felipe Rodriguez (Mexico)
  4. Tamil Martino (Peru)
  5. Finn Spencer (Canada)
  6. Max Torres (Puerto Rico)
  7. Franco Faccin (Argentina)
  8. Jose Ruiz Aviles (Costa Rica)
  9. Host place for Chile

Provisionally classified in Men’s Longboard (pending ISA World Longobard Championship results)

  • Benoit Clemente (Peru)
  • Julian Schweizer (Uruguay)
  • Carlos Bahia (Brazil)
  • Anthony Mesen Flores (Costa Rica)
  • Host Square for Chile

The ISA Longboard World Championship will take place from May 7 to 13 in El Salvador.

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