Salvadoran Authorities Visit Lima 2019 Surfing HPC

Authorities from El Salvador visited the Punta Rocas Surfing High Performance Center (HPC), headquarters of the Lima 2019 Pan American Games, Peru, together with the president of PASA Karin Sierralta.

The Salvadoran delegation strengthened relations with Peruvian authorities and took advantage of Peru’s knowledge in matters of construction and administration of sports infrastructure, with the aim of replicating these good practices in their country.

Among the visitors were the Minister of Tourism Morena Valdez, the Minister of Culture Mariem Pleitez, the executive director of the Salvadoran Tourism Corporation Alejandra Durán, the president of the Salvadoran Institute of Tourism Eny Aguiñada and the consultant of the Inter-American Development Bank, Alejandro Campos .

Currently, the sports venues that were used in Lima 2019 are managed by the Special Legacy Project, directed by executive director Álvaro Castro, and have become an example at the level of the Americas in their management and use once the Games ended. four years.

Karin Sierralta, president of PASA, said:

“For us it is a pride that countries come to learn about the great achievements achieved here in Peru and I have full confidence that Salvadorans will not only replicate this high-performance center, but also improve it.

“I know first-hand the professionalism of the government of El Salvador and I am sure that they will do a spectacular job for the benefit of their national athletes and also for the entire Central American and Caribbean region.”

El Salvador would be applying to host the PASA Pan American Games in 2024, so this visit was also used to refine details with the possible organizers with the aim of making this a world-class venue for all delegations and attendees.

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