PASA General Assembly re-elects President Sierralta

Foto de portada: Xavier Aguirre, Paula Muñoz, Karin Sierralta y Fredy Tortora, parte de la Junta Directiva PASA electa.

  • In elections, President Karin Sierralta and Vice President Xavier Aguirre are re-elected and two new Vice Presidents were elected
  • Alfredo Tórtora from Argentina and Roger Castillero from Panama are the new vice presidents of PASA
  • Secretary General Paula Muñoz of Chile is assigned for a new period

During this third day of the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games, once the competition was over, the countries participating in this event met to celebrate the General Assembly of the Pan American Surfing Association (PASA), in which the election of the Board was held. Organization directive for the period 2023-2027.

The activity was attended by Mr. Fernando Aguerre, president of the International Surfing Association and founder of PASA in 1992, during the ISA World Cup in Lacanau, France that year, who served as validator of the process.

Presidents and representatives of 17 countries attended the Assembly where the work report and the new projects and events that PASA has for 2024 and beyond were presented and the announcement of the creation of a Technical Commission and an Athletes Commission.

To close the Assembly, the election of the Board of Directors was held, in which President Karin Sierralta of Peru and Andrés Porras of Colombia ran for the position of President. After the votes were cast, Mr. Sierralta was resoundingly re-elected with 15 votes out of 17.

Vice President Xavier Aguirre was also re-elected in his position, and, following the new PASA constitution proposed and approved by the Assembly in 2022, two new positions of Vice Presidents were elected, who will come to collaborate with PASA’s work to develop Surfing. in the region.

Alfredo “Fredy” Tórtora from Argentina and Roger Castillero from Panama are the new Vice Presidents of the organization, elected by those present at the Assembly and now join the team of President Sierralta, who announced upcoming sports projects and competitions.

One of these projects is the sports and cultural exchange between Under 18 athletes from the Americas and France, as a cooperation initiative of the organization of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, who are promoting Olympic values and sports culture around the world. This activity would be carried out in February 2024.

The re-elected President Sierralta ratified Paula Muñoz of Chile as Secretary General of PASA for a new leadership period.

Also during the activity, President Aguerre presented a heartfelt tribute and recognition to Secretary General Muñoz, who is also part of the Board of Directors of the Association of Pan American Sports Confederations (ACODEPA), for her years of hard work in sports leadership and the positioning of women in the sports world.

“It is very difficult to be a woman in the world and being a woman in the world of sports is even less easy,” said President Aguerre, thanking Muñoz for her efforts.

At the end of the Assembly, President Sierralta indicated:

“I want to deeply appreciate the trust of our friends, presidents of the Federations of the Americas, for one more period. We are sure that by expanding the executive committee as well as the new commissions created for athletes and technique, we can continue building a better future for continental surfing.”

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