Surfing in Santiago 2023 enters its final stretch

  • Event directors decree a pause for Saturday and Sunday due to the forecast of bad weather and waves
  • Medalists from all disciplines are defined on Monday, October 30

After four days of many Series and emotions in and out of the water, Santiago 2023 already has defined the majority of athletes who will receive the Medals of the event.

Due to the weather and wave forecast for tomorrow, Saturday, October 28 and Sunday, October 29, the event will resume until next Monday, October 30, to define who will receive the Bronze, Silver and Gold medals.

On Monday the competition begins with the definition of the Bronze Medals, in series in which the winners will advance to the Final where the Silver and Gold medals are defined, while the second place will win the Bronze Medal.

First thing in the morning Luiz Diniz from Brazil will face Finn Spencer from Canada to define who faces Zane Schweitzer from the United States in the contest for the Men’s SUP Surf Gold Medal.

Isabella Gómez from Colombia and Peruvian Vania Torres will seek to advance to the contest for the Women’s SUP Surf Gold against Aline Adisaka from Brazil.

Next, Carlos Bahía from Brazil competes against Rafaél Cortéz from Chile. One of the two will face off for the Men’s Longboard Gold against Benoit “Piccolo” Clemente of Peru.

In Women’s Longboard, Chloe Calmon from Brazil goes against Lia Díaz from Costa Rica to define who faces María Fernanda Reyes from Peru for the Gold of the category.

The Peruvians Lucca Mesinas and Miguel Tudela must compete to advance for Gold in Men’s Shortboard, but with the satisfaction of both of them, each one will bring a Medal to their country. One of the two will compete for first place against Francisco Bellorín from Venezuela.

Canada with Sanoa Dempfle-Olin and Costa Rica with Leilani McGonagle are the ones who will surf to advance for the Women’s Shortboard Gold, where Tatiana Weston-Webb awaits them.

Finally, it will be the turn to define the Medals for the SUP Races in which the athletes will have a 4 km route in a circuit that will take them through different sections of the beach.

This circuit will be defined before the competition, according to the sea conditions, always thinking about the safety of the competitors.

The medal contest can be seen live on

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